Local Rules

The local rules for the Marbæk Course differ from the local rules for the Myrtue Course. See the local rules for the Marbæk Course below

Local rules

Stakes and markings:

  • White stakes: Out of bounds
  • Red stakes: Red penalty area
  • Blue stakes: Ground under repair
  • Blue stakes with green top: Ground under repair with mandatory relief

Information and reference signs, 150 metre markers, and red and blue stakes are immovable obstructions. Free relief under Rule 16.1.

When playing both courses:

  • All roads and paths on the course, although artificially surfaced, are treated as integral objects.
  • Temporary markings and boundaries are immovable obstructions. Free relief under Rule 16.1.
  • When a ball is out of bounds or lost, the player may drop a ball, with a two-stroke penalty, within two club-lengths from the edge of the fairway of the hole, not nearer the hole than where the ball crossed the OB line or is thought to be lost. Fairway is the grass in the general area which is cut at fairway height or lower including the teeing grounds of the hole. See the full version of this local rule in the notice in the clubhouse or via this link (in Danish).

Appendix for play on the Marbæk Course:

  • The out of bounds line between holes 4 and 5 only applies when playing the 4th hole. When playing the 5th hole, the stakes are immovable obstructions.


  • Penalty for violating the rules according to the golf rules. DGU/USGA Course Rating and Slope System is used with permission from the United States Golf Association (USGA)