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Esbjerg Golf Club welcomes all children and young people in our junior section
The junior section welcomes children from the age of 3 and all the way up to young adults aged 25. The coaching is divded by age group so that it suits the individual player’s needs and level

All children and young people are welcome in Esbjerg Golf Club.

If you are under 7, you can participate in our kids coaching in the company of an adult. This is every second weekend during the season.

From you turn 8 and until and including the year you turn 18, you are a junior. During this period, you can participate in the weekly junior coaching.

From the age of 19 to 25, you can participate in the monthly young adult coaching.

At the coaching sessions, you will learn techniques to hit the ball as well as possible. The coaching sessions take place at our various practice facilities, but we always meet up at the Sydbank sign on the driving range.

It is a good idea to be in the club in good time before your coaching session starts so you have time to warm up.

On the whole, you have to practise a lot to become good at golf. You are welcome to come to the club as much as you want – also on days when you have no coaching.

The coaching sessions normally begin mid-April and end the week before the schools’ autumn break in mid-October.

As long as you are a full junior or young adult member of Esbjerg Golf Club, you are welcome to participate in the activities organised by the club’s junior committee.

If you are under 18 and just want to play golf without coaching, you can get a passive junior membership. With this membership, you can use all the club’s practice facilities, including our par 3 course.

If you are completely new to golf and don’t quite know if golf is for you, you can get a trial membership for three months to try it out.

When you start playing golf, you can, for a short period of time, borrow/rent the equipment you need for your coaching sessions. This is done through the pro shop B&J BetterGolf. Do pop by and ask Nicolai, Johannes or Ben for advice. You can always do this – also if you have decided to buy your own set of clubs.

It is also possible to buy used equipment. In the beginning, you can quite easily make do with half a set.

Apart from a set of clubs, you also need golf balls, a golf glove, a pitch fork, tees, a ball marker and a pencil to fill in your scorecards with.

You don’t have to invest in a pair of golf shoes straight away. You can easily use a pair of ordinary trainers. It is further recommended that you play in trousers with pockets, so you can keep your pitch fork, tees and ball marker handy. The most important thing is that your clothes are practical with reference to the weather, so you ought always to have a good set of waterproof clothing in your golf bag.