Do you want to start playing golf?

Esbjerg Golf Club is an ideal place to learn how to play golf
In Esbjerg Golf Club, we want to provide the best service to our members. You can therefore start playing golf whenever it suits you.

A trial membership lasts 2 months from the registration date and costs DKK 1,499. During this period of time, you will be introduced to the basic rules and technical aspects of the game, which together lay the foundation for a good start with golf.

With a trial membership in Esbjerg Golf Club, you can use our practice facilities, where you can practice the different aspects of the game. You will also get free access to our par 3 course. When our PGA pros assess that you are ready, you will also be allowed to play on our 18-hole Myrtue Course.

The trial period consists of weekly group training sessions and days when you get to play on the par 3 course and the Myrtue Course respectively with instructors.
You are not expected to participate in all scheduled activities below, but we have scheduled the activities both on weekdays and in the weekends so you should be able to fit something into your diary. Besides technical training and playing the courses, there are two rules sessions during the trial period.