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As a member of Esbjerg Golf Club, you will get to play on one of the best courses in Denmark and in Europe
In Esbjerg Golf Club, there is room for everyone. Esbjerg Golf Club is a highly ranked golf club that has hosted several big tournaments for amateurs and professionals through the years

In Esbjerg Golf Club, you have the opportunity of being a member of two 18-hole courses, which means that you can play as often as you like. Esbjerg Golf Club offers a range of different memberships so you can find a membership that suits you. We offer memberships for 3-year-olds, senior citizens who are seeking new challenges, and elite players who want to improve their game.

As a golf club, we care about being fun, healthy and serious, and we place great emphasis on giving you personal guidance and service. You can expect to be met with a smile when you enter the clubhouse, and you can get personal advice at any time. Below is a table of our various memberships, and we are ready to help you find the membership that will suit you best.

Membership Type Membership Fee 2024 DKK Range Balls + Trolleys DKK
Junior, full - Myrtue 1,450,- 200.-
Junior, full - both courses 1,950,- 200.-
Young adult, full - Myrtue 2,650,- 200.-
Young adult, full - both courses 3,250,- 200.-
Student, full - Myrtue 2,950,- 200.-
Student, full - both courses 3,250,- 200.-
Adult, full - Myrtue 6,800,- 200.-
Adult, full - both courses 8,550,- 200.-
Long distance - Myrtue 3,250,- 200.-
Long distance - both courses 4,250,- 200.-
Adult, flex 2,400,- -
Practice member 1,650,- -

If you sign up for membership before 1 June, you must pay the full membership fee.

Signing up after 1 June entails a reduced membership fee as per below:

From 1 June: -20%

From 1 July: -40%

From 1 August: -60%

From 1 September: -80%

If you sign up after 1 October, you can play for the rest of the year if you pay the membership fee for the following year.

If you want to become a member again the year after you resigned your membership, you must pay the full membership fee no matter when in the year you sign up.

If you have any questions regarding our memberships, then please contact us.

We have bag lockers available in different sizes for your golf bag, trolley or maybe even both. If you want to rent a bag locker, we will gladly help you with that.

Locker Type Capacity Annual Rent DKK
Grey wooden locker Bag or trolley 400.-
Small steel locker Bag or trolley 250.-
Big steel locker Bag or trolley 400.-
Wire mesh locker without electricity Bag and trolley 600.-
Wire mesh locker with electricity Bag and trolley 900.-
Small wire mesh locker Bag or trolley 275.-
Feel free to contact us
Charlotte Kenne
Frontdesk assistent
Feel free to contact us
Morten Mouritsen
Frontdesk assistant

If you are interested in becoming a member of Esbjerg Golf Club, you can fill in the application form below. You must agree to having read and accepted the club’s Articles of Association and privacy policy.

When you have filled in the application form, you will receive further information by email. We look forward to seeing you in Esbjerg Golf Club, and we would like welcome you properly, so please drop by the general office.

If you want to fill in the application form, you can do it via this link:

Application form

In Esbjerg Golf Club, you and your family or friends will get the best possible experience with golf.
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